WorkflowGen Plus v1.1.0


WorkflowGen Plus is the new generation mobile app lets users who have implemented the WorkflowGen BPM/workflow software on their corporate web servers access the WorkflowGen portal and perform their workflow actions remotely via their mobile devices. This app is available free to all WorkflowGen users.

WorkflowGen Plus v1.1.0 for iOS

WorkflowGen Plus v1.1.0 for Android

Important notes:

  • WorkflowGen Plus requires WorkflowGen server v7.9.0 or later. For earlier versions of WorkflowGen, use the previous WorkflowGen Mobile apps for iOS and Android.

  • In order to use this application, WorkflowGen must be installed on a web server that can be accessed via a VPN or extranet (publicly accessible).

  • This application is currently not compatible with WorkflowGen configured with Form authentication security mode.

  • WorkflowGen Plus only supports English and French as the display language.

  • If you are not using WorkflowGen or need help using this application please visit