Why are my requests' form fields getting corrupted?


Web form requests that use session variables are not properly supported by the web browser when they are opened simultaneously in multiple tabs or in completely separate instances of the same web browser. The requests’ form fields data will get corrupted after a form refresh or submit.


The solution is to use sessionless web forms. Add the instruction below in the constructor of the Webform class.


public _Default() : base()
    this.IsSessionLess = true;

VB .Net

Public Sub New()
    Me.IsSessionLess = True
End Sub

If your web form requires session variables, then try one of the 3 workarounds below:

  1. Use ViewState as an alternative to session variables.
  2. Use separate .Net web applications in IIS for each web form. This applies only when there is currently more than one web form within the same IIS web application.
  3. Open separate web browser windows for each web form. Tabs are not supported since they share the same session. This workaround is only supported in Internet Explorer 6 and 7 since Firefox2 and 3 will still share the same session even if the web forms are in separate windows.