Performance: A command line tool to analyze web form response times

To analyze web form response times, you can use the Log Parser command line tool, available for download at

This tool is useful when you want to isolate bottlenecks and performance issues. It relies on IIS logs and generates reports.

Here’s a command line example:

logparser -i:W3C "SELECT TOP 30 [cs-uri-stem], MAX([time-taken]) AS MaxTime, MIN([time-taken]) AS MinTime, AVG([time-taken]) AS AvgTime INTO LogParser.csv FROM c:\temp\logs\*.log GROUP BY [cs-uri-stem] ORDER BY AvgTime DESC" -o:CSV
cs-uri-stem MaxTime MinTime AvgTime
/wfgen/wfapps/webforms/IT_REQUEST/V1/Default.aspx 1357 574 877
/wfgen/wfapps/webforms/CHANGE/V1/Default.aspx 703 546 624
/wfgen/wfapps/webforms/EXPENSE/V1/Default.aspx 996 761 881
/wfgen/ws/processesruntime.asmx/GetLaunchableProcessList 716 156 242
/wfgen/wfapps/webforms/INVEST/V1/Default.aspx 3250 2906 3078
/wfgen/wfapps/webforms/LEAVE_APP/V1/Default.aspx 775 78 569