Parameter Mapping from Parent Process to Subprocess

I am using direct process data mapping for passing data from a parent process to a subprocess. (Not using GETPROCESSDATA) I continually get a warning in my parent process that the direction of my parameter that is passed to the subprocess does not match the direction of that parameter in the subprocess. However, I have used this direct parameter mapping to send and receive process data with another subprocess without this issue.

  • The parameter in my parent process is I_T_M. It has no direction defined in the parameters list for the parent process.
  • The parameter in my subprocess is T_M. T_M is defined in the parameter list as INOUT. It is defined as INOUT in the first action of the subprocess and INOUT from the last action of the subprocess.
  • In the action that calls the subprocess, T_M is defined as an INOUT parameter and I_T_M is the parameter from which the T_M is filled and into which T_M is sent.

So, why am I getting the warning that the OUT direction of T_M in the parent process action that calls the subprocess does not correspond to the INOUT direction of the data in the subprocess?

For future clients bumping into this issue, here is an article that explains the reason of this issue: