My .NET validator does not trigger the validation error message


My .NET validator does not trigger the validation error message even if I have set the ValidationGroup to WFGENPage.


WorkflowGen’s WFGENPage validation group handles the validation of fields specified in the FORM_FIELDS_REQUIRED parameter.

You can add additional .NET validation controls and associate the validation result to WFGENPage in order to consolidate all error messages when the submit button is clicked and the form is submitted to the WorkflowGen engine.


You must have the FORM_FIELDS_REQUIRED parameter in your action with a valid field ID or the FieldDataType extended attribute applied to a .NET control within your web form. The WorkflowGen engine will generate the JavaScript to show the required field validation error only if it is needed,

If FORM_FIELDS_REQUIRED does not contain a valid field specified in the parameter or FieldDataType is not used within your web form(s), WFGENPage will not create the JavaScript for the error message dialog box. As such, your .NET validation will still validate, but it will not trigger the error message window.

If your form does not have a standard .NET control that needs to be required, or no .NET control using the FieldDataType attribute, you can add any invisible or inactive .NET control to use for this purpose. This will ensure that WFGENPage triggers the error message box.