Month End Close


One of our locations was faced with a problem. Historically for Month End Close they would print out plotter sized spreadsheets and tape them to the wall. They would mark up these sheets so that Management could always take a look to see where they are in the process. The finance folks would have to coordinate with the predecessors and successors of the process at each and every step through email. They would also need to send out emails to the larger Finance Community at various points so that they could start putting together reports outside of the Month End Close process. Even though it seemed a little labor intensive this process worked.

The Problem: Finance was moving into a brand new building and they were no longer allowed to tape these sheets to the walls. They came to us for a solution.

The Solution: We proposed a workflow process and a webform dashboard for Management. It was a very simple solution and got a lot of bang for the buck. The flow continually moved forward as there were no rejections at any steps. In addition to the action to do notifications, it also included notifications to a standard distribution list.