How to set culture of popup calendar control in .NET code-behind

I’m trying to set culture of eWorld popup calendar control to current user culture or “ar-LY” in .NET code-behind, However, I got the wrong value of Month when using property of (SelectedDate.Month), so it seems there’s an issue when setting it from code-behind whereas it works well when modifying (Default.aspx) by adding Tag (Culture=“ar-LY”) to ew:calendarpopup, but I lose it when saving from built-in Form Designer.

Any idea to sort out such an issue ?


The eWorld popup calendar doesn’t properly support Arabic culture. The label will not properly display the day of the week.

As for why you are getting the wrong value, WorkflowGen uses the date format Month/Day/Year for validation, but the ar-LY language/culture uses the format Day/Month/Year.

For your last inquiry, if you want to modify the form directly from the Default.aspx file, you won’t be able to use the built-in Form Designer. Those become custom-made forms.

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