Global list inside gridview

How can filter dropdown list “اسم المكتب” that reading data from global list inside gridview by field “رقم المكتب” also inside the same gridview
As you seen in below image

Hi Rami,

The Gridview’s field databind is not constructed to be used this way.
The filter that can be used is a data coming from a field outside the GridView.
There is no way that the field inside the GridView know which data to look for if the data is in the GridView, since each row is generated dynamically.

You can, however, do this with Javascript.
For example: Add an “onchange” event to “رقم المكتب” with a value of “ISIM_MAKTAB_CHANGE()”
In the function ISIM_MAKTAB_CHANGE(), you can identify which textbox called this function and do the appropriate changes to the adjacent field.

Best Regards,