Form Designer: How to insert HTML text

To insert a paragraph with a line feed, hyperlink, or any other HTML attribute, you have to insert it dynamically.

From the custom attributes

  1. In the Form Designer, insert a ReadonlyText from the Tools drop-down list.

  2. Set your HTML text from the custom attributes:

    1. Edit your field.

    2. Click the Custom Attributes tab.

    3. Scroll through drop down list to the ASP.NET Properties section, and select the text attribute.

    4. Click +.

    5. Set your HTML in the Value text area

From the .NET code

Another solution is to set your HTML text from the .NET code. This method overrides the ASP.NET Text attribute.

  1. After adding the ReadonlyText, click .NET on the right-hand side of the toolbar.

  2. Uncomment the Page_Load method if needed.

  3. Set the Text property as shown below:

    REQUEST_READONLYTEXT1.Text = "To find a lot of information about WorklowGen:<br><a href=''>Click here</a>";