Form Designer: How to filter a drop-down list

In this example, we’ll filter the country list by a text.

  1. Add a text tool with the Id FILTER.

  2. Add a drop-down list with the Id COUNTRY.

  3. Edit this drop-down list and bind it to a data source or a global list.

  4. In the Filter section, select the column to filter.

  5. Select the comparison operator (Equal, Not Equal, Greater than, etc.).

  6. Select the REQUEST_FILTER field.

The list is now filtered according to the text entered in the filter.

I want to ask about how to filter a drop-down list based on values of two request fields

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Rami Tobasi

Hi Rami,

The Form Designer can only support one filter.

Here is how you can achieve what you need using code behind:

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Dear eddy,
Thank you for your quick reply


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Rami Tobasi