Form Designer: Example of a custom web user control tool

This sample pack contains a custom web user tool definition file for the Form Designer and the associated ASP.NET code files.

Download the sample pack

  1. Copy the custom web user control tool definition file (MyUserControl.txt) into \wfgen\App_Data\Templates\Forms\En\Custom\fields.

  2. Copy the custom ASP.NET code files (MyUserControl.ascx and MyUserControl.ascx.cs) into \wfgen\WfApps\WebForms

To test this example, open your process’s Form Designer and add a new MyUserControl tool.


I was wondering if I could get the ascx. and ascx.cs files for the existing GridView user control? (Would be nice to start from there to create a custom one.) The template is in the expected place, but our server \wfgen\WfApps\WebForms\ folder doesn’t have the default ones.