Creating new item using C#, PROCESS_START_RESULT and a context

I am getting the following response when trying to generate a new populated item in my process from C# code based on the example in the resources and no item is created. I haven’t included my code because the forum keep failing to accept this…

\nRedirection error\n\n\n\n Redirection error The requested page cannot be found

I will try and paste the rest of that in here.

\nRedirection error\n\n\n\n Redirection error The requested page cannot be found

OK, It keeps truncating my pasted HTTPResponse so I will explain what I was trying to do instead. I am calling the API PROCESS_START_RESULT and passing in a context to set data from c# that has retrieved the data from our old system. Apart form using a Windows Form rather than a web process and altering the code to use the default credentials my code is the same as the example code given in Resources for this purpose. I add one data filed to the context “SETTINGS_TXTEMPLOYEENAME” for which I use the same name as appears in the data of the process. At the end no item is created and I get the HTTP Response with some errors mentioned relating to redirection errors the first of which mentions WFGEN_CSRF_TOKEN. Once over this hurdle I can write things to save the organisation a lot of time and effort!

Hi @simon.breeze ,

This issue could be caused by so any different factors. Please open a ticket in our Helpdesk site and we would be happy to assist you in solving your problem.