Create a table with checkboxes

I want to create a table with 2 checkbox fields and a text field in the middle, (like an amicable contract). But I don’t know how to do this.
Is it feasible?
Could you help me ?

Hello @Bertrand ,
I didn’t find any “standard” way to add a checkbox to a GridView. The only clue I found is in this topic :sa:
How can I set a databound checkbox in a GridView control? - Development / Visual Studio Web Forms - WorkflowGen

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Merci je vais regarder cela.

If you are using Form Designer and you don’t need to bind any data source for your gridview and all you need is to have a check box control as input like the following:

you can try the following:
Use a TextBox to mimic a checkbox input

This is not a true checkbox but it serves the purpose to hold a value for the grid when it is checked. In this case it will hold a check mark :heavy_check_mark: as value