How to create a WorkflowGen connector for Microsoft Power Automate (Microsoft Flow)


Since WorkflowGen version 7.17, you can easily create a custom connector for Microsoft Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) using the new OpenAPI v2 endpoints.

This connector will give you access to all WorkflowGen incoming webhook operations and will be simple to use in Microsoft Power Automate (Microsoft Flow).



  1. Go to From the left menu, click Data, then click Custom connectors.

  2. In the right-hand corner, choose New custom connector > Import an OpenAPI from URL.

  3. Set a connector name and paste the following URL: https://YOUR_SERVER/wfgen/hooks/openapi/v2

  4. Click Import, then Continue.

  5. You can set a connector icon and background color on the General information screen.

  6. Click Create connector.

You can now use this custom connector in Microsoft Power Automate (Microsoft Flow).

For the step to setup custom connector, I got the following message:

We weren’t able to download the OpenAPI file from the provided URL. Please upload the file manually using the “Import from OpenAPI file” option.


How can I get the OpenAPI file from WFG hooks path? Am I missing something?

Hello Kevin,

You can go directly to the open API endpoint (WFGEN_URL/wfgen/hooks/openapi/v2) and save the result as a file.

We will check why the file can’t be downloaded automatically.

Thanks Quentin. Figure out why. WFG instance was not using https connection. I am able to get the OpenAPI file now but I need to set WFG to https in order to add it as custom connector


Is https a must to setup WFG hook custom connector?
I tried exporting the openAPI file from wfgen/hooks/openapi/v2 and then import (to bypass https requirement). I was able to reach to the connector general page but when clicking on create connector I got the following error:

Specified swagger has the following errors: 'Definition is not valid. Error: 'Error : paths/~1addApplicationParameter/post/parameters/0/schema/properties/args/properties/input/required : The required property ‘isRequired’ is not defined in the object schema.

Hi Kevin,

This is a known issue fixed in 7.19.