How can I send repeating e-mail’s every one hour after an action is overdue?


WorkflowGen will send only one email per overdue notification, even though an overdue event condition may evaluate to true every time the Windows service (WfgWorkflowEngineService) is run and the notification management task is executed.

If you want to send repeating emails every hour after an action is overdue, you should add multiple additional notifications with conditions stipulating the DateDiff VBScript function, the Current action.Deadline macro (<WF_ACTIVITY_INST_LIMIT_DATETIME>) and the System.Date/Time macro (<WF_SYSTEM_DATETIME>). For example:

  • Notification 1 : DateDiff("h",<WF_ACTIVITY_INST_LIMIT_DATETIME>,<WF_SYSTEM_DATETIME>) >= 1

  • Notification 2 : DateDiff("h",<WF_ACTIVITY_INST_LIMIT_DATETIME>,<WF_SYSTEM_DATETIME>) >= 2

  • Notification 3 : DateDiff("h",<WF_ACTIVITY_INST_LIMIT_DATETIME>,<WF_SYSTEM_DATETIME>) >= 3

Note: By default, WfgWorkflowEngineService is scheduled to run every 5 minutes.