GridView & Mapping


I recently add a gridview to my form, and i don’t know why when i click on the “mapping” tab, i can’t assign in/out values to any column of the gridview. The gridview doesn’t appear on this tab. Can someone explain me why ?



Hello Nosila,

GridView is not supported by the mapping menu. You can’t assign row or column as OUT parameter.
To workaround this limitation, you can add a hidden textbox on the form then use custom code-behind to extract the rows, columns or cells value to the hidden text box on submit of the form.

You would also need to map the hidden textbox as OUT parameter in the action. See this FAQ for how to attach a custom event code to the submit button in the form designer mode: Form designer: How to add custom code on the submitButton event in the ASP.NET server side code-behind?