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Workflow Application: MERGEFORM usage (3)

As of version 6.1.4, WorkflowGen includes the new MERGEFORM application, which takes multiple form data files and merges them into one file. It can also merge form archives into a target form archive by merging the HTML …

Workflow Application: GETUSERSFROMDIR usage (4)

WorkflowGen’s GETUSERSFROMDIR workflow application is very useful, since it allows you to retrieve specific users from your directory and automatically assign actions to them. This article provides instructions on how to…

Workflow Applications: Overview (2)

Workflow applications are used in processes to perform certain activities. You can also create your own custom workflow applications. Built-in applications WorkflowGen provides some built-in workflow applications, such …

About the Workflow Applications category (2)
Workflow Application: GETFORMDATA usage (2)

(Available since version 5.6.4.) The GETFORMDATA workflow application allows you to retrieve form field values of a specified request. This application is useful when you need to retrieve form data which are not mapped…

Workflow Application: GETPROCESSDATA usage (2)

(Available since version 5.6.4.) The GETPROCESSDATA workflow application lets you retrieve process data values of a specified request. This application is useful for inter-process communications. As a first sub-pro…

Workflow application: COPYDATA usage (2)

WorkflowGen 6.1.4 includes the new COPYDATA application, used to copy data from a parameter to a different data. All parameters are optional, and parameter names can be set by the process designer. To copy a data from …

Workflow Application: SENDMESSAGE usage (2)

The SENDMESSAGE workflow application lets users send SMS notifications, using the Twilio SMS platform. To use SENDMESSAGE, you'll first need to set up a Twilio account at In this tutorial, w…

Workflow Application: UPDATEPROCESSDATA usage (2)

(Available since WorkflowGen version 5.6.3.) The UPDATEPROCESSDATA application allows you to update process data associated to a request. It provides a simple solution for inter-process communications. Required par…

Workflow Application: COMPLETEACTION usage (2)

The COMPLETEACTION application lets you complete an ongoing action with the corresponding parameters. It also provides a simple solution for inter-process communications and synchronization. Required parameters Note: O…


The following optional parameters are available since version 5.6.4: EXCEPTION_NAME The possible values are CANCEL, ERROR, TIMEOUT and ASSIGNMENT_ERROR. The corresponding exception will be triggered on the action. …

Workflow Application: CANCELREQUEST usage (2)

(Available since version 5.6.4.) The CANCELREQUEST workflow application lets you cancel an ongoing request. Required parameter Parameter                                    Type       Direction Description REQU…

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